Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lower Leg Positioning For Mind/Bar Bending Squats

This never stops being funny:

The second attempt went a little better:

Well he made it out alive. I wish there was a third attempt video but no one on Earth is so stupid as too... oh, shit:

He is way too fit to ever get hurt lifting weights so don't worry, he will be fine.

Squattin' Better:

Had some thoughts while warming up for Dynamic Squats the other day. Here is a detailed explanation and an example of what your lower leg should be doing while you squat. Also, I included a little external rotation drill to help un-sticky-meat your lower leg:

Enjoy your new found squatting strength.

Solum Per Exitum.


  1. another great video Mike. any chance we will see a deadlift video soon? Also, i tried that lax ball trick after you had posted about it in your log. It sucked. A lot. I'm certain this is just your trick to get people to inflict pain on themselves.

  2. Replies
    1. Jesus, is that hole 'hun' thing associated with OC too? I am going to move if this is the case.